As well as growing a range of organic produce, Žuvela’s range of Hora wines is a byword for authenticy and quality. Croatia has more than 130 indigenous grape varieties, and some of these are indigenous to Hvar and only grown on the island. Continuing centuries of wine-growing tradition, the Hora range includes:

  • Bogdanuša

  • Pošip

  • Parč

  • Rose from Plavac mali

  • Muškat


All the Žuvela generations - till today - combine craftsmanship and many years of experience in the maintenance process of our vineyards, the quality of our grapes - in the barrels and in each bottle of our wines served to You!

Bogdanuša is an ancient white grape variety that is indigenous to the island of Hvar, on Croatia's west coast. Nowadays, it is grown mostly around Ager, where it makes light white wines with floral aromas.

Bogdanuša is a high-yielding and reliable variety that has earned the respect of many Croatian winemakers – its name means "godsend", and Bogdanuša wines play a significant part in Croatia's religious festivals.







Parč is a white grape variety native to Croatia. It is thought to have originated on the island of Hvar, where it is now predominantly grown. The wines are full-bodied white wines with a slightly oily texture and a hint of minerality and they produce good yields of tight clusters of pale green berries with distinctive freckles. Parč is aromatic, with low acidity and medium sugar levels.